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Research Support: Researcher Profile Management

The library provides research support to all postgraduate students and researchers

How does the Library support Researcher Profile Management?

In today’s world, maintaining an online presence for researchers is pivotal. To achieve this, researchers need to ensure that every research platform that has a researcher profile function should be linked to all the research indexed in that platform or related to other platforms. By so doing, cohesion is created and researchers get due credit for their work.

In other words, there are many ways you may not be getting credit for your work in a given profile.

The solution? Establish an ORCID and link all ID systems, such as Scopus and Web of Science to your ORCID


What is ORCID?

ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID. It is a sixteen-digit permanent digital identifier for researchers. It is an international standard to help researchers to establish and maintain their scholarly identity.

For more information visit ORCiD website.

Benefits of ORCID

Eliminates name ambiguity

Researchers' names can appear in different formats and in some instances researchers can have similar names. In this situation, it becomes difficult to ensure that the right works are attributed to the right author. Thus, the use of ORCID as a unique identifier helps resolve this problem. 


Improves Discoverability

A link to your ORCID iD next to your name in databases, repositories, and other systems, enables people to easily click through to read more about all of your research output. These includes publications, conference papers, s, datasets, just to name a few. Including a link to your ORCID iD in your CV is an easy way to provide a comprehensive picture of your research activities.

Saves time

Many publishers and funding organizations offer the option to connect your ORCID iD to your application. Rather than entering the same information in multiple different forms, connecting your ORCID iD autopopulates the required fields.

Stays with you throughout your career

Once you  complete a graduate degree at one institution, go on to be  a lecturer at another, and later take a position as a professor at a third, the information about your research activities is spread between these different institutions. Maintaining an ORCID iD provides a constant summary of your work, regardless of any changes in your institutional affiliation.

Registering for ORCID

Welcome! Registering your ORCID iD is an online process that should take less than one minute. You own your ORCID record and, after registering for it yourself, you will be able to update or add information.

Registration fields

Below is a description of the registration fields. All required fields include a star next to them.

  • First name (required): Your given name, or the name you most commonly go by. If you only have one name, you should record it here. This is the only required name field, and is limited to 150 characters.
  • Last name: Your family, surname, or last name. This is not a required field, as ORCID is a global service and supports many naming conventions, but you should always include it if you have one. This field is limited to 150 characters.
  • Email addresses:
    • Primary email (required): Your primary email address, entered twice for confirmation. You will use your email address (or ORCID iD) with your password to sign in to the ORCID Registry.
    • Additional email (strongly recommended): Your secondary (backup) email address. It is strongly recommended that you provide at least one additional email address on registration. This will ensure you can still use your ORCID record if you lose access to your primary email. If you added an institutional email as your primary address, we recommend adding a personal one as backup. You can use any email address connected to your ORCID record, with your password, to sign in to the ORCID Registry. You can add as many additional email addresses as you wish.
  • Password (required): A password of your choice. Enter it twice to confirm. Passwords must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one number and one alphabetical character or symbol.
  • The video link below will show you how to register for an ORCiD

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