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EndNote: Cite While You Write in Microsoft Word

How to use EndNote

Cite While You Write (CWYW)

The EndNote referencing tool allows users to cite information sources while writing or editing the document.

EndNote’s Cite While You Write (CWYW) lets you look up references, insert them in your document, format your bibliography, and edit your citations to include page numbers or other text, all from within your word processing document. Below are instructions for using Cite While You Write with Microsoft Word.

Installing the Cite While You Write Tools

When you install EndNote, it will automatically install files into a common program folder, allowing EndNote and Word to communicate and enabling Cite While You Write (CWYW).

In Word for Windows you will see a tab on the ribbon similar to that shown below. (Note: It is best to close all other programs before installing EndNote, most especially Word and Outlook. When installing Word and EndNote on a new computer, always install Word first to enable EndNote to find it and be able to install the Cite While You Write tools.)

Inserting a citation to a document

Click in the top half of the Insert Citation button in Word to open the Find & Insert My References window.

In the Find & Insert My References window that appears, (1) select whether you want to search your open EndNote desktop libraries or groups shared with you in EndNote online, (2) enter your search terms, and (3) click the Find button, or press the Enter/Return key, to bring up a set of references that contain those search terms. The terms can be anywhere in the EndNote record, but all the terms must be present in the same record

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