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EndNote: Adding References From Databases

How to use EndNote

Importing and Exporting references

After creating a new EndNote Library, you can now Import refences in your EndNote or Export from the electronic resource or database. 

Depending on the electronic resource you use, there will be different steps to follow in exporting and importing your references:

To import into EndNote: Go to the File menu, then select Import... then follow the instructions listed in the table. 

To export: Select the desired references and follow the instructions. 


Importing references into EndNote

You can convert existing PDF files into EndNote records without copying and typing by uploading directly from you computer location. Scanned documents cannot be imported with the accompanying bibliographic content.

To import publisher-created PDFs or folders full of PDF files (no scanned documents):

  • Select a library
  • Select Import under the file menu
  • Set import option to PDF, or
  • Select folder option to import entire folder (If the selected folder lists sub-folders, click the Include files in all sub-folders radio button to include)
  • Click the Import button to add to the library 
  • Click choose and locate the files to be imported 

Exporting references from Electronic Databases

To export a single record from EDS

•  Click on the record title

•  In the right side Tools menu, select Export

•  File format defaults to RIS -- just click Save to export

•  When prompted to Open with, click OK.


•  To save multiple items in an EDS for export, click on the blue folder icon to the right of each record.

•  When ready to export, click on the Folder icon at the top of the page.

•  Select the desired records to export or select All
•  Click on Export

•  Choose Direct Export to EndNote, ProCite, or  Reference Manager.

•  Click on Save.

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