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Electronic Resources: E-Journals

A complete guide to the Unizulu Electronic Resources.

Advantages of e-Journals

Electronic journals provide users with a number of advantages as compared to the printed version. These include: 

Availability - users can access e-journal content 24/7

Speed of access - with good Internet connection, you can access full text documents in a matter of seconds. 

Full text searching or navigation - users are able to search and navigate within the document, highlight and copy the desired sections. 

Can be saved digitally - documents can be saved of the digital/online or external folders/drivers.

No physical processing - There are no processes that are carried out physically, which makes the acquisition of e-journals efficient. 

What are e-Journals?

E-journals are electronically published journals and serials which contain scholarly content or intellectual magazines that can be accessed via electronic presentation. The aim of providing e-journals is to enhance academic research and study. These journals are formatted more or less like journal articles in traditional printed journals. Often a journal article will be available for download in two formats - as a PDF and in HTML format.


How to access e-Journals?

There are various ways on how users can access the UNIZULU e-journals. Users can search and find e-journals using Ebsco Discovery Services (EDS), which is the search box found on the library web page. You can search all databases the UNIZULU library subscribe to as one go and you can filter you results by period, publication type, etc.

  • Users can also log on to the alphabetically arranged (A-Z) database list where they can choose subject specific or multi-disciplinary databses to search from.
  • Open Internet, a large number of UNZULU content is open access and can be searched and access via Google Scholar. For e-jornals that are not on open access, users will be prompted to log on via their institution and use their Open Athens logging in details.
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