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How to search Jstor database

What is Jstor?

 JSTOR is a multi-subject database, containing scholarly journal articles and primary source materials. The University of Zululand Library's JSTOR collections include journals in Area studies, the Arts, Business and Economics, History, the Humanities, Law, Medicine and Allied Health, Science and Mathematics, and Social Sciences. The archive is full-text searchable, and includes images and multi-media files. 


How to search Jstor?

JSTOR supports full-text keyword searching across all of the content on JSTOR generally includes all the content from articles, books, and pamphlets, cover to cover. This makes it possible to search front matter and back matter, letters to the editor, advertisements, and other types of material along with scholarly articles and book chapters. The default setting for search results is to show matches for only content licensed or purchased by the library, but a researcher may choose to change this setting for their own session.

There are two search forms on, a Basic Search (on the main page at  and at the top of most pages) and an Advanced Search. This guide will cover each of these forms, as well as how to understand search results. 


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