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JoVE: JoVE Science Education

This guide provides information about JoVE and the features available through UNIZULU database access

JoVE Science Education

JoVE Science Education A video library dedicated to teaching the practice and theory of scientific experiments through engaging and easy-to-understand visual demonstrations.


Embedding JoVE Videos into Moodle

Embedding JoVE Videos into
1. Below the JoVE video that you want to embed click on the ‘<> EMBED’ button

2. Copy the embed code

3. Log into Moodle

4. Select the appropriate course from 'My courses'

5. At the upper right you will see a ‘Turn editing on’ button or a ‘Turn editing off’ button.  Make sure editing is on.

6. Once you have chosen the appropriate week or topic, click on ‘+Add an activity or resource’

7. From the menu, select 'Page'

8. Click the ‘add’ button at the bottom 9. Go to the ‘General’ section and add a name to the page in the ‘Name’ box 10. In the ‘Content’ section click on the button farthest to the left (‘Show more buttons’ button)

11. Click on the ‘<> EMBED’ button
12. Paste the Embed Code into the ‘Page content’ box
13. Click ‘Save and return to course’ button 14. Now when you click on the activity from the course page the video will show up


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