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Accounting and Auditing: Plagiarism

A Guide to direct users to UNIZULU library resources related to Accounting and Auditing

What is Plagiarism

Plagiarism constitutes a breach of academic integrity and compromises and undermines the values and processes by which knowledge is created, shared and evaluated. Such breach not only cast suspicion upon the integrity of the individuals involved, but also damage the reputation of the academic community.

University of Zululand Plagiarism Policy

This Policy and Procedures on Managing and Preventing Acts of Plagiarism (“the Policy”) articulates the University’s resolve to promote academic integrity and to take a firm position against all acts of plagiarism. Its purpose is to establish consistent guidelines and procedures on how plagiarism at UNIZULU can be monitored and prevented at undergraduate, postgraduate and research levels in order to enhance academic integrity and ethical behavior from the onset of a student’s and a researcher’s academic career. 

See below links on the Plagiarism Policy documents both in Pdf and URL.

Plagiarism Video

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