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Politics and International Studies: Borrowing and Renew Library Material

Welcome to the guide of Politics and International Studies

Information Literacy


Need to access library resources? Struggling to find sources for your assignment, research topic or information for your presentation?

The Library can assist with all the search, by teaching students researchers and academics to be able to search using different library database the library subscribed to.


How to borrow library material


 In order for students  to borrow books from the library  they  need to be registered for the current year.


Use the Library  EBSCO Discovery Services to:

  • for the shelf number,
  • Request or download copies of journal  articles,
  • Sign in on Library Ebsco Discovery Services and renew material one have borrowed

How many books one can borrow ?


  • Undergraduate - 6 items for the period of 14 days
  • Honours students -10 items for the period of 30 days
  • Masters and PhD'S  - 15 items  for the period of 42 days

What do I do if I cannot find the books I am looking for on the shelf?

There are a number of reasons why you would not find a book on the shelf. It is important to ask for assistance from Library staff.

Some of the reasons why you might not find a book on the shelf include the following:

  • it is already out on loan (always check the status of a book when you look it up in the Library Catalogue. If a book is out on loan, the status will indicate the due date
  • a fellow Library user may be using the book at a desk in the Library or has taken it to the photocopying section to copy a few pages
  • the book may be waiting to be re-shelved after being returned to the Library
  • the book may be missing (if we are aware that the book is missing, the Catalogue will indicate the status as on search)
  • the book may be overdue (in which case the Catalogue will indicate the status as account sent)
  • the book is at the Bindery for books that are damaged (the Catalogue will indicate the status as bindery)

What kind of material cannot be taken out from the library ?


Some library items  cannot be taken out from the library  However, such items can be used within the boundaries of the library

Examples of these items include:


  • Seminor room keys -cannot be taken out from the library
  • reference books (e.g. encyclopaedias, dictionaries, yearbooks and atlases
  • journals
  • audio-visual material
  • items in special collections  e.g. UZULU Collection , Audio Visual etc

Books that are on high demand  left by the lecturers at short loan cannot be taken out from the library.

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